10 Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Basics of Curb Appeal Landscaping

Drawing the attention of passers-by with an attractive street-side view is not an impossible task to accomplish. But these few basics could help you get started.

  1. Make sure to include a focal point in your yard – be it a bench, fountain, tree, or anything you think goes with your house.
  2. Whatever you’re planning on doing, don’t overdo it. Just keep it clean and tidy so that the whole place looks aesthetic and composed.
  3. Throw away the old and bring in the new. Always take out the weed, rotten and dead stuff before it catches the attention of onlookers. At the same time, try and update the look of your house with a thing or two that’s in trend, but inexpensive.

Now that you’re aware of the basics let’s get into the landscaping ideas that will instantly give your house a facelift and is quite easy on the eye.

Curb Appeal Landscaping Designs for Your Home Follow

  1. Adding Planters

A sun-kissed garden in the front yard with a variety of flowering plants, herbs, and shrubs can instantly upgrade the look of your home. Just group them up and place them around everywhere on the patio and the yard, and you’re good to go. If your patio is big, you can even add some planter boxes or shutters to the window and match them to the color of your walls.

Also, try and fill your pots with evergreen plants so that your garden is always blooming and pretty. Who wouldn’t want to look at a landscape that’s lush green and colorful?

Adding Planters, plants to your curb appeal

Photo Courtesy of DAVID TSAY. Source Unknown. Discovered via Pinterest

  1. Add a Unique Pathway

Using a pathway not only makes your house more attractive but is also a practical option that adds to its functionality. What I find interesting about this idea is that you can play along with the materials, colors, and shapes of the pathway and get as creative as you like. So, work with different bricks, stones or do some research of your own and get your house a path that stands out from the rest of the neighborhood, thousands of ideas on Pinterest will serve you well and along with professional in the field such as Calvac Paving you`re surely on the right track, simply seek inspiration and you shall find it !

Add a Unique Pathway, curb appeal landscaping

Source Unknown. Discovered via Pinterest

  1. Focusing on Symmetry Works Wonders

One cannot deny the fact that symmetry is something that human eye is naturally drawn to. Working with the same on your exterior could grab some eyeballs without fail. So, try placing your plants, décor and other landscape arrangements keeping symmetry in mind. It adds a lot of aesthetic value to your home, believe it or not!

Focusing on Symmetry Works Wonders

via Atlanta Homes Mag

  1. Let the Architecture Speak for Itself

If you don’t have ample space for that yard, or if you aren’t merely a fan of gardening, then let the architecture of your home speak for the whole place. Just add some lawn grass and a few shrubs here and there. Don’t let any of these obstruct the view of the house itself.

This could be a perfect way to give a great outdoor look to your house, especially if you put in a lot of thought in the design of your doors and walls.

Let the Architecture Speak for Itself

  1. Greenery All Around Your Home

You don’t exactly have to set up a garden with carefully chosen plants and landscape design to elevate the outdoors. Instead, you could simply surround it with greenery, especially if you’re living in the suburbs. This gives your home a cottage-in-the-forest look.

I would most definitely love to have a house with outdoors like this. Just think of it; what’s could be more appealing than a house that looks as if it’s situated in a mini-woods?

Greenery All Around Your Home

Photo Courtesy of DAVID TSAY. Dicovered via Country Living

  1. Work on a Pretty Fence

You don’t have to own a charming little coastal cottage or a Hampton’s style saltbox home to have a fence that could be this appealing. You can go with a picket fence around your tiny little home and manage to create as good a vibe if planned carefully. And in case your house oozes more of a stately charm, go with a fence made with wrought iron instead.

Work on a Pretty Fence

Photo Courtesy of DAVID TSAY. Dicovered via Country Living

  1. Invest in a Good Old Porch Swing

Nothing could lift up the charm of your porches like a traditional wooden swing embellished with some cozy pillows and cushions. So, there’s nothing wrong with investing some amount on a beautiful swing set. If you think your porch isn’t good enough for a swing, you could go for a small wooden bench or some rocking chairs instead.

The best part? You can actually build one yourself if you have time on your hand. And oh, don’t forget to throw in some cushions, or add small planters in the corners to add to the overall look.

Invest in a Good Old Porch Swing

Source Unknown. Discovered via Pinterest

  1. Using Bright Colors and Shrubbery

This is another idea that involves plants, which of course, is combined with vibrant colors to pep up the curb appeal of your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors – perhaps a yellow door, with complimentary awnings in striped red or green, coupled with a whitewashed picket fence. And then, border the outer fencing with thick shrubbery. I am sure you’ll just be in awe of it.

Using Bright Colors and Shrubbery

  1. Play with Contrasts

A lot of people hesitate to work with contrasting shades and materials, afraid that the outcome might be overdone. But if done right, contrasting designs can set a stage for what one can expect to find on the inside of your house. Work with the bricks, and paint combinations like black and white for your doors and windows, to give a striking curb appeal to your house.

Play with Contrasts

  1. Reflect Your Personal Style

Why go with something that’s trending in the housing and real estate spaces to elevate the curb appeal of your house? Just go with your gut and don’t be afraid to reflect your personal choices and style through your house. Build your own porch, do gable-style roofing, add a grassy lawn, and go with whatever you think works for you. It’s sure to turn heads of the onlookers, giving them a sense of your style.

Reflect Your Personal Style

Source Unknown. Discovered via Pinterest

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