Here are five kid-friendly home features that the Scott brothers deem essential, just in case you want to make sure your own home is family-friendly to the max, too.

1. A safe staircase

This staircase is much safer now—and it looks great!
This staircase is much safer now—and it looks great!HGTV

The brothers have seen their fair share of ugly and outdated staircases. But the problem with these particular stairs isn’t the style; it’s the ledges next to the stairs.

“I see cliffs that my son will jump off of,” Austin says.

After Jonathan climbs onto the ledge himself, he agrees that, in the interest of safety, the space next to the stairs has to go. But this leaves Austin and Cody with a decision: They can either take out the ledges and build out the stairs, or extend the walls up, blocking the extra space.

With building up being the cheaper option, they decide to block off the ledges. While it may seem like a waste of space to close off precious square footage, creating a safer space for curious kids is well worth it.

In the end, the stairs are updated with a new railing and new flooring. The end result is beautiful, as well as safe.

2. A large laundry room

There's a ton of space and storage in this laundry room.
There’s a ton of space and storage in this laundry room.HGTV

When Cody and Austin come to Jonathan asking about fixing up the laundry room, renovation is already underway. They’ve already agreed on a budget and a timeline together, so this request for another improvement could throw a wrench in it all.

Still, with so many people in the family, and so many clothes, the couple know they’re going to need all of the room they can get to do their laundry.

Looking at the room, Austin says, “It’s really small and doing laundry for … 10, we need something bigger than this.”

Jonathan suggests knocking down a wall and transforming a closet into extra laundry room space. He estimates this will cost at least $4,000, and these busy parents decide the cost will be well worth it.

In the end, they’re right to make the improvement, because the finished laundry room is sleek, stylish, and—perhaps most important of all—roomy.

3. A spacious kitchen

This large kitchen still feels homey.
This large kitchen still feels homey.HGTV

The Scott brothers also know that this family’s kitchen has to be large in order to make (and eat) big meals, so Jonathan makes sure to make space for a sizable kitchen.

While some large kitchens can end up feeling industrial, with shiny features and large appliances, Jonathan manages to bring lots of homey charm to this capacious room. They choose a soothing blue-gray color for the cabinets and light fixtures that make the space feel cozy.

4. Lots of bench seating

There's plenty of room for everyone with these fun bench seats.
There’s plenty of room for everyone with these fun bench seats.HGTV

Usually, a larger dining space would be a great idea. But when it comes to Cody and Austin’s new house, it’s simply not worth the time or money. Though Drew and Jonathan originally planned on extending the exterior wall to make more room in the kitchen, they realized that waiting for the required permit could put them way behind schedule. Instead, they skip the addition and focus on creating a dining area in the existing space.

They end up putting in a long bench and some tables, creating a stylish dining spot with plenty of room for this big family.

5. A massive pantry

The Scott brothers made lots of room in this pantry.
The Scott brothers made lots of room in this pantry.HGTV

Just like how this growing family knew they’d want extra space in the laundry room, they also realized that they’d need a generously sized pantry. So, Jonathan takes the space under the stairs and builds off of it to create a large, walk-in pantry with plenty of room for storage. It’s a creative fix for this family’s storage needs—and it looks great!

6. A dual-purpose living room

The brothers prove that a great workspace doesn't need to take up a lot of room.
The brothers prove that a great workspace doesn’t need to take up a lot of room.HGTV

Finally, this family needs a designated spot for their kids to do homework. But where?

While lots of homeowners like to turn a bedroom into an at-home office, doing that in a house with this many kids would probably be a misuse of a much-needed bedroom.

So, Jonathan decides to put in a workspace in the living room. The workspace fits in well with the rest of the decor but is still separate enough from the rest of the living room. It’s designed so that some family members can relax by the fireplace while others are hitting the books.

Do the Scott brothers deliver?

Even with the long list of must-haves and a large family to cater to, Drew and Jonathan manage to finish this gorgeous house on time and, surprisingly, $10,000 under their estimated renovation budget.

In the end, Austin, Cody, and their kids are thrilled with their new home.

“I did not think that it could be transformed this much,” Austin says as she walks in the doors to see the finished house for the first time. “I feel like this is home.”