Mark Freitag

“…Nina has done considerable work behind the scenes, both on the lease and the sale, and she often went the extra mile to make sure things were just right. Since we lived in another state, this was very important to us since it would be very difficult to arrange and coordinate the many projects, repairs, showings and inspections living out of town. But Nina did it all and in top notch fashion I might add! Another thing about Nina is that she is EXTREMELY well organized and prompt in answering texts, phone calls and emails. I dont think I have ever dealt with another agent who is so ” On Top of Things” as Nina! And believe me, I have dealt with many of them over the years, being a real estate broker myself for almost 20 years…

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nina Kirkendall to be your real estate agent, either as a buyer or a seller. Her knowledge, integrity, professionalism and communication skills are all outstanding! And I would be pleased to talk to anyone who is considering hiring her, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again in the future!”

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