Quarterly Homes Sold reports

Our quarterly homes sold reports for San Marino are available now.  They are being mailed now and are also available on my website for you to download. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you'd like any specific or additional information about the current market.  

City to Consider Tax-Funded Traffic Project Options

The San Marino Public Safety Commission was well-attended by approximately 20 residents on Monday, Jan. 21., a vast majority of whom were in attendance to hear updates and share concerns on the proposed San Marino projects to be funded by the Measure R funding, a tax voted in by Los Angeles County voters that was dedicated exclusively to vehicle-oriented projects. Michael Throne, San Marino Parks and Public Works director and city engineer, presented a detailed proposal for five different projects that are meant to relieve congestion and increase capacity and efficiency along major thoroughfares in San Marino. The city has been allocated $32 million in Measure R funds for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, with no local match requirement, as part of a 4-year expenditure plan. Throne noted that the funds are twice the amount that the city currently has saved in its capital improvement fund and would increase capital programming by 66 percent. for more click here

L.A. Forecast: Moderate Job Growth, Continued Rapid Rise in Home Prices

Los Angeles County will see moderate job growth of just over 1 percent for the rest of this year, but the median home price will rise as much as 10 percent. Those are the projections from an economic forecast released April 26 from Los Angeles-based Beacon Economics. Continued here...

Why Depreciation Is The Biggest Perk Of Real Estate Investing

Investing for retirement is historically fraught with risk and fear. Investors in this group are generally older, ready to press on the brakes and work less yet still need a reliable source of income. Of the myriad opportunities available, one investment vehicle stands above the rest as far as consistency regardless of the current economic climate and has withstood the test of time through all cycles of the economy and various administrations. That vehicle would be real estate. For more of the article, please click here.

Realtors Predict Tax Bill Will Cause Housing Prices To Drop In Every State

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="373"] Real Estate Prices could tumble 8-12% if the new tax law passes[/caption] And despite studies that have indicated that the mortgage interest deduction might not be good tax policy, it's been good for the real estate market. Without it, the NAR anticipates that housing prices will fall by at least 10% across the board. The organization recently released a report breaking out on a state-by-state basis how the proposed tax reform efforts might hurt home values. Their findings?  The NAR estimates that home values would fall in every state. (more…)

Tips For Getting Your Home Sold In The Winter

So you've decided to list your home this winter. Perhaps you've had a job change, need to relocate out of the area, or have financial or family reasons for moving. No matter what is driving the move, you may be concerned about selling at this time of year. But just because you missed the boat on the spring selling season doesn't mean you can't get your home sold quickly, and for a profit. A few tips can help get it moving.

Prices Level Off in Los Angeles, But Market Remains Healthy

"Luxury home prices in Los Angeles are leveling off after several quarters of strong price growth, according to a report Thursday."

Here’s what quantitative un-easing could mean for the housing market

At its September meeting, the Federal Open Markets Committee announced it will begin reducing its $4.5 trillion portfolio of bonds purchased during the global financial crisis, as soon as October of this year. This quantitative un-easing could have major consequences to the housing market as nearly 40% of the portfolio is made up of mortgage-backed securities that the Federal Reserve started buying in 2009, according to a blog from Mark Fleming, First American Financial Corp. chief economist. Please continue article below!

5 Home Improvements to Best Increase Your Value


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